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The RAPID Range™ provides truly portable, seamless connectivity to businesses anywhere

Businesses and industries across the planet face a wide range of communication challenges that can significantly impact operations. This is especially true of operations that remain connected over vast distances that can require switching between networks. These teams work in varied terrains, whether in extremely built-up cities to barely accessible remote regions. They require communication solutions that are adaptable, flexible, easy to use and provide seamless, constant connectivity. globalCom developed the RAPID Range™ with these communication challenges in mind. The RAPID Voice™ and Data™ ranges are the most advanced, truly portable satellite devices delivering ruggedised voice and Wi-Fi hotspot solutions providing seamless broadband connectivity for teams and individuals across the globe.


There are many communications challenges facing industries, organisations, and teams including, terrain, flexibility, network capabilities, and access to infrastructure including a power source. As a result, effective and reliable communication solutions are essential to the ongoing running of businesses and effective day-to-day operations. globalCom Director David Lipton points out: “The communication challenges faced by businesses are unique and varied depending on the size and nature of the business. Ultimately the same need arises each time – to have effective and seamless communication no matter the area or terrain. The unique RAPID Range overcomes these challenges and provides dependable connectivity and communication for teams small and large.”


Network Capabilities


Seamlessly bridge between existing PTT networks and satellite PTT networks to remain constantly connected. RAPID Voice products such as the RAPID 1™, and RAPID 4™ can use network bridges to empower communication between existing radio infrastructure and new satellite deployments – always keeping you connected. The RAPID Data range, including the RAPID 100™, RAPID 200™, and the RAPID 700™, offers wireless LTE connectivity as the priorityLINK and has an automatic fail-over to the satellite network when the LTE connection is lost or unavailable.




RAPID Voice and Data solutions can work as stand-alone solutions or be integrated into existing infrastructure. RAPID solutions work in any environment with no set-up and installation. This means the level of existing infrastructure does not impact the effectiveness of RAPID products. RAPID 100, 200, and 700 cases all have rechargeable batteries that provide up to 12 hours of power.




The RAPID Range was developed to overcome changes in terrain and topography that may result in communication and connectivity challenges. Rugged design and weather-resistant cases empower all RAPID Data and Voice products to be used in even the harshest environments.




Whether you are an individual or a team, all RAPID products were developed to be flexible enough to meet your unique communication challenges. RAPID Voice solutions are two-in-one satellite phone and Push To Talk (PTT) devices that can easily switch between these two functions. The RAPID 100, 200, and 700 can be used with the case open or closed in either a stationary or mobile deployment using DRIVE.


Give your business the edge by adding the RAPID Range of Voice and Data products to your communication strategy. Consult with globalCom today:

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