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5 Key Benefits of Satellite Tracking Solutions

Tracking of assets and staff is vital in today’s world. Knowing the exact location of your staff is critical to ensuring their safety, especially if they are in transit or working in dangerous areas. Satellite tracking and satellite tracking devices provide a range of benefits to industries and individuals across the planet. These devices are discrete, always-on, and work anywhere in the world. They are also reliable, long-lasting, versatile, easy to use, and improve operational productivity.


Asset safety is the most important aspect of satellite tracking. globalCom Sales Manager Kim Bentley explains: “For teams and individuals that travel frequently, their safety is critical. Knowing exactly where teams are at all times enables quick, efficient and accurate response to any emergencies. Satellite tracking is an efficient method of tracking as it works across borders and in any terrain, ensuring the safety of all personnel and assets.”


In addition to maintaining asset safety, globalCom has identified five key benefits to using satellite tracking solutions: reliable connectivity, longevity, improving productivity, versatility, and ease of use.


Reliable connectivity

Maintaining the safety of assets is the foremost priority when tracking assets. As such, maintaining connectivity is crucial. Satellite tracking solutions are extremely reliable as they are designed to always maintain connectivity. By continually transmitting essential data, operations managers can make informed decisions about the safety and productivity of assets, no matter where on the planet they may be.



Many satellite tracking devices are solar-powered or have long-lasting batteries.  This extended longevity is key for devices that are used to monitor assets in remote and inhospitable terrains, or that are continuously on the move. Having a significantly longer battery life reduces the maintenance and labour costs related to tracking, ensuring long-term tracking with minimal upkeep.


Improving Productivity


A significant benefit of satellite tracking is improving asset productivity. By using the historic location information from your assets, you can create a map of asset movements. Analytics can then be used to optimise your operations by identifying areas where productivity can be improved upon.



Satellite tracking devices are compact, discrete, and rugged. As such, they can be leveraged by industries and individuals in several ways. Whether you want to track an executive travelling between head offices and remote work site, or a fleet of trucks, satellite tracking devices are ideally suited for multiple configurations.

Satellite tracking solutions have multiple benefits for all industries. Partner with globalCom today for a comprehensive satellite tracking solution:

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