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Don’t wait for complete grid failure to paralyze your business operations and communication channels. With RAPID CCaaS™ Crisis Communication as a Service you can ensure uninterrupted voice connectivity via satellite, even during grid failure or emergencies.

RAPID CCaaS™ is a revolutionary subscription-based service that guarantees voice connectivity via satellite, even during grid failure. No matter the disaster or emergency, subscribers can always make or receive phone calls from their office building. This guaranteed communication is essential when companies have multiple branches which need to remain connected!

An installation of the RAPID CCaaS™ enables two high-quality concurrent phone calls. All you need to provide is a power supply to the device, and globalCom guarantees your ability to stay connected.

How Does RAPID CCaaS™ Work?

A satellite-based gateway is installed that enables two high-quality concurrent voice calls to any number globally. Irrespective of what is going on regionally your calls are carried via a fully resilient satellite system powered by Iridium Certus and onward delivered to any other operational phone lines. Multi branch inter communication is guaranteed if units are deployed in all geographies where you require communication.

Operating the RAPID CCaaS™ device is simple.

The unit is a fixed installation, eliminating the need to have to search for a satellite connection by standing outside in a time of crisis. Just pick up the phone from the comfort of your office and make or receive a high quality phone call. The installed antenna ensures clear line of sight and seamless connectivity. With the addition of Wi-Fi AP’s as an optional extra you gain access to midband data connectivity, supporting speeds of 22/88 kbps for tasks like email, messaging, and basic web browsing.


RAPID CCaaS™ powered by Iridium Messaging Transport℠ (IMTSM), a two-way cloud-native networked data service optimized for use over Iridium Certus® and designed to make it easier to add satellite connections to existing or new IoT solutions. Iridium Messaging Transport℠ enables terminals to send and receive data over the Iridium network utilising Industry standard terrestrial IoT/ data transaction methods.

Don’t let grid failure disrupt your business operations. Choose globalCom Africa and avoid communication shutdowns.

The Iridium Advantage

Powered by a unique constellation of 66 cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites enables the ability to deliver truly global and truly mobile communications where infrastructure has been compromised or security is an issue, has made Iridium® the go-to standard for first responders and aid organizations around the world. Iridium can support a wide-range of immediate and long-term communication and coordination needs through weather-resilient, highly-reliable connectivity for deployment anywhere.

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