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With a portfolio of projects across mining, media, agriculture, maritime, aviation, conservation, and military operations, we are equipped to design the ideal communications solution for you. Our solutions architecture is backed by our nuanced understanding of the ever-evolving challenges the African continent faces. We take pride in our expertise across multiple industries.

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Having the ability to quickly deploy anywhere and create a powerful communication network is an essential requirement for emergency teams and first responders. Whether it be a natural disaster, a military operation or a planned deployment, satellite communication is the most reliable forms of staying connected in areas where you are faced with uncertain expectations. Our satellite solutions ensure they are easily deployed, provide voice and high-speed internet access to enable communication which often saves lives.

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Discovering new places is the dream… staying in touch with loved ones is difficult on these remote journeys. Satellite Communication is often the only forms of communication in some of the most remote and beautiful parts of planet Earth. globalCom communication solutions ensure you can connect from anywhere on the planet with reliable voice and high-speed connections to stay connected to your friends and family and share your journey!

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Contingency and Business Continuity

In the case of a disaster, communication is the first and most important requirement in order to assist and conduct a rescue operation. globalCom are specialists in disaster readiness with solutions that continue to communicate when all other terrestrial solutions no longer can. We have helped many large corporations implement Business Continuity solutions and disaster Communication Contingency solutions for the volatile and growing African continent.

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Corporate Aviation

globalCom was one of the first suppliers in global coverage to successfully deploy Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadBand Aviation service. It has since grown into one of the largest aviation service providers in Sub-Saharan Africa. globalCom offers a full turnkey solution for GA, corporate and commercial aviation customers in providing voice, high-speed data and tracking solutions anywhere on the planet. Aviation customers demand a high level of service and solutions that work at extremely high speeds, this is offered by globalCom through a variety of affordable solutions that are tailored to suit various aviation markets and budgets.

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globalCom is a supplier of various satellite solutions to media outlets all over the world. The Media market demands solutions that are easily deployed and ultra-reliable to ensure they always get the story. Journalists are also often deployed into conflict zones that have little or often no other forms of communication besides via satellite. By using satellite technology, this allows the story to be captured no matter where it takes them to. globalCom has experience in everything from Radio Broadcast via IP and ISDN to HD Live Video capture using a variety of satellite technologies and networks.

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We are a large supplier of satellite equipment and services to various Departments of Defence across global coverage. Defence solutions demand an extremely high level of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) as well as solutions that are easy and reliable to operate. Government and Military solutions are almost always used in harsh environments and strenuous situations that require quick and easy deployments, as well as instant access to secure satellite communication networks.

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Mining in Africa

One of globalCom’s core competencies is engineering suitable solutions for the many different requirements in the Mining sector in Africa. Mining operations require diverse communication solutions from Mobile Geologists based in temporary locations, tracking and telemetry feedback from all heavy machinery as well as high-speed internet and VPN needs for Mine Offices back to their local or international HQ’s. globalCom, together with our partners, are able to offer and support the most extensive solutions in the most remote environments.

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Remote Communications

To date, we have conducted multiple deployments of Satcom-On-The-Move. SOTM or Communication on the move COTM involves very carefully chosen technology that enables the optimal solution for moving deployments. Communication on the move COTM can offer voice and high-speed internet at up to 10mbps which typically suits requirements for secure convoys, media broadcasting, government VVIP solutions and security and defense applications. globalCom is able to offer a wide range of products and solutions catering for varying budgets and applications.

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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is an ever-increasing threat in global coverage which requires technology to aid in the fight against poaching and illegal trade. Satcom often plays a big role in the deployment of successful strategies to combat poaching across the vast regions located predominantly across Africa. Rangers are often equipped similarly to a soldier and thus also require ruggedised equipment that is very reliable and able to deliver consistent and effective communication to fight for wildlife conservation.

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