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Specialised Safety Solutions

Specialised Safety Solutions

We are an industry-leading supplier of communication equipment, services, and strategy to various Departments of Defence and private security agencies across Africa and the Middle East. We have consistently developed secure communication channels that are invulnerable to interception, ensuring the safety of thousands of high-value assets and personnel.

Our years of safety and security industry experience have equipped us to deliver superior, reliable connectivity solutions and forward-thinking connectivity strategy.

Comprehensive safety solutions demand an exceptionally high level of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) as well as excellent user-friendliness and reliability. More often than not, safety communication solutions are relied on in extreme conditions and strenuous situations that require efficient, easy deployment. Time-sensitive access to global communication networks is essential, and our multidisciplinary approach delivers low-latency, dependable connection, no matter what you are protecting.

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Protected government and military solutions
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End-to-end encryption over terrestrial services
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Transcending the limits of conventional comms
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