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Remote Data Collection Solutions

Remote Data Collection Solutions

We design hyper-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for seamless data exchange and remote collection. This is a crucial element of fleet management and asset tracking, whether you are tagging cows without terrestrial coverage, tracking diamonds through connectivity dead zones, or protecting heavy machinery from insurance claims.

Data transfer takes place over low-latency satellite networks, and in this way, we are using satellite in unique ways to better existing solutions. If you are looking for accurate, real-time data, regardless of your industry and independent of your location, we can configure a solution for you.

Comprehensive solutions architecture involves multi-faceted technological innovation, and this is what we aim to deliver. We pride ourselves in being creative problem-solvers and connectivity pathfinders.

farm land with wind turbines and the sun setting in the background
Offering closer management of assets
digital map of the world with red dots on the continents
Location-independent data collection
cement truck in a tunnel under a big pipe
Access to accurate real-time tracking data
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