Connect Anywhere With EVERYWHERE Asset Tracking & globalCom

Connect and protect your organisation’s most valuable assets, your people, with EVERYWHERE asset tracking and globalCom. The EVERYWHERE Mobile App, inReach® by Garmin®, and EVERYWHERE Hub combine to deliver global team SOS, location monitoring, and secure messaging- three products to do three simple things. These vital communication links improve team connectivity and productivity while supporting worldwide worker safety and duty of care. With nearly 80% of the planet not covered by cellular communications, enterprises need a comprehensive satellite tracking solution. EVERYWHERE asset tracking provides an always-on tracking solution for enterprises across industries.

The EVERYWHERE platform is adaptable and flexible, making it ideal for use in several industries. globalCom Director David Lipton explains: “Not only does EVERYWHERE asset tracking provide secure, reliable messaging, location tracking, and Global SOS, it can also be easily added to any enterprise’s communication strategy. This is why the platform is used by virtually every industry, from NGOs and conservation teams to researchers and executive protection teams, allowing them to remain protected and connected.”

Global Team SOS

The EVERYWHERE Mobile App and inReach by Garmin system have successfully coordinated the rescue of thousands of people in need in over 170 countries! This system enables real-time messaging with personnel in distress, coordinates responses, and provides detailed situational awareness at all times. With 24/7 coverage by GEOS trained emergency personnel, the EVERYWHERE Mobile App and inReach by Garmin allow users to activate an SOS at any time, from anywhere on the planet.

Location Monitoring and Control

The EVERYWHERE Hub provides real-time situational awareness and asset tracking on a single device. This provides detailed insight into where your assets are and what state they are in, ensuring that your personnel can effectively communicate or monitor and manage any remote operation. The EVERYWHERE Hub leverages Intelligent Routing to provide two-way messaging and seamless data file transfers via the most efficient network depending on preferences and the availability of Wi-Fi, SMS, cellular or Iridium satellite. This way your team will always be able to send messages, check-in, transfer important data, or send SOS signals no matter where they are.

Secure Messaging

The EVERYWHERE Mobile App provides AES 256 encrypted messaging, ensuring private, secure, and reliable messaging visible only to your team. The EVERYWHERE App leverages a smartphone’s camera, microphone, and GPS location to provide an accurate overview of a situation in the field as pictures, audio and videos help provide proper visualisation of a situation. The additional fingerprint and facial recognition features are used to identify users, preventing unwanted viewings of messages and location data while in transit.

Leverage EVERYWHERE asset tracking to provide your team with secure, fast communications anywhere in the world. Speak to globalCom about how EVERYWHERE can help you connect and protect your people:

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