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globalCom now offering Iridium GO! execTM

Iridium – one of globalCom’s biggest partners in providing global satellite communications – has just launched the Iridium GO! execTM. This portable wireless access device transforms any smart phone, laptop or tablet enabling truly global connectivity. Powered by the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, it enables Wi-Fi connectivity for select messaging, email, social media, weather, and light web browsing apps – as well as simultaneous access to two high quality voice lines for calls – and is now available from globalCom.


The Iridium GO! execTM is a compact, robust and portable satellite communication device that dramatically extends the capabilities of your smart device. “It creates a satellite-backed hotspot to provide a reliable global connection, enabling clients to access everything they need to keep on top of their businesses, wherever they are, working with the devices they already rely on every day,” David explains.


Using a midband data connection rather than broadband, the Iridium GO! execTM is a modern, light and compact product that offers portable connectivity for personal and office needs. It combines the features of a battery powered Wi-Fi access device with the built-in functionality of an Iridium® satellite phone to enable phone calls and internet access for weather, light web browsing, emails, chat apps like WhatsApp and even financial apps like Venmo and Zelle.


The Iridium GO! execTM is fast and simple to use, is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and provides built-in secure Wi-Fi for up to five devices wirelessly. It is dust proof, shock resistant, and jet-water resistant, and provides real-time, reliable satellite connectivity for two-way voice and data communications, as well as location-based information on your own device in real-time.


“The ease of connectivity is a key feature of the Iridium GO! execTM,” David says. “With no pointing required, you can simply power on and connect just by raising the antenna. It works just as well in a stationary setup like an NGO or Research camp site as it does in a mobile environment like a sailboat. This allows its users flexibility in both work and personal situations.”


The device enables satellite connectivity where terrestrial networks can’t and is versatile enough to use on its own or mounted in vehicles, aircraft and boats. Iridium GO! execTM is a leap forward in personal satellite connectivity devices, extending globalCom’s communication  offering even further. Journalists, emergency first responders, business executives that travel to remote operations, and those in transport and logistics over land, sea or air are just some of the customers that would benefit from having the Iridium GO! execTM at hand.


“We are pleased to be one of the first companies globally to receive stock of this innovative device,” says David Lipton, CEO of globalCom Africa.. “The Iridium GO! execTM is an innovative satellite communication device that adds value to your overall communications solution.. It’s about empowering your people daily with reliable communications solutions.”

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