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Satellite IoT is the future of business integration

Satellite IoT is the future of running, monitoring, controlling, and integrating assets more efficiently in business. Satellite IoT solutions are always on and can work everywhere and anywhere on the planet. As one network satellite IoT eliminates the need for a hybrid IoT solution. This makes satellite IoT ideal for institutions setting up new projects and operations that require seamless integration and communication of devices to track, monitor, and manage a multitude of assets, including staff.


Satellite IoT has a significant impact on all industries, improving the integration of operations and enhancing the connectivity of staff and assets anywhere on the planet. globalCom Sales Manager Kim Bentley explains: “The advent of satellite IoT has ensured industries are 100% connected, improving the safety, productivity, and efficiency of operations. Satellite IoT will continue to revolutionise industries such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and more by empowering new methods of managing and tracking operations.”


Benefits of implementing satellite IoT.


1.     All-in-one instant solution

No matter how large or small an operation, satellite IoT can be instantly implemented as it does not require a complicated or lengthy setup. Satellite IoT solutions provide one comprehensive solution for the varied needs of an operation. By using satellite IoT there is no need to use hybrid or dual systems. Satellite IoT solutions are scalable and can be modified to suit any additions to an operation.


2.     Connecting remote assets

Satellites provide critical communication services that allow remote operations to run. Satellite IoT also enables the remote monitoring of facilities, real-time asset management at unmanned sites and offshore platforms, as well as the constant tracking of assets including staff.


3.     Reliability

Maintaining a high level of service reliability is a key requirement for effective IoT deployments. Satellite communication solutions ensure reliable, always-on connectivity which caters to a range of operations including asset tracking, plant monitoring, and data transfers. Satellite IoT solutions will always work no matter where they are implemented.


4.     Speed

Satellite IoT empowers faster decision making and enhances business processes. With faster, more immediate transfers of data between connected assets and operations, informed decisions can be made on the spot to improve asset productivity or safety.


5.     Cost savings

Satellite IoT is more affordable to deploy than IoT solutions which rely on terrestrial networks, especially in remote regions. As satellite solutions do not rely on any terrestrial infrastructure, they can be quickly set up which saves on the cost of labour required to connect IoT solutions.


6.     Flexibility

There is a greater amount of flexibility in the way IoT solutions can be used when they are powered by satellite communications. IoT solutions are no longer bound to the terrestrial networks and infrastructure, empowering organisations, and industries to implement IoT solutions anywhere in new and innovative ways.


To run, monitor, control, and integrate your assets more efficiently, you need a comprehensive satellite IoT solution. Consult with globalCom today:



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