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globalCom is proud to have launched the RAPID™ range, addressing the need for compact, portable communication solutions that are flexible enough to be used on the move in the air, on land, or at sea. Packaged in rugged carry cases with a self-sustainable power supply, the RAPID range of solutions offer seamless voice and data communication anywhere on the planet. These unique units can be quickly and easily deployed by individuals and teams on the go anywhere on the planet.

The advancement in technology has allowed solutions like RAPID to be engineered for people who need to take their connectivity with them anywhere in the world and in any environment. “As communication specialists, it is vital to keep up to date with how consumers’ movements and communication needs are evolving to provide them with products that allow for flexible comms.” globalCom Director David Lipton adds: “Our RAPID™ range provides one-of-a-kind solutions to the most pressing voice and data needs of individuals, organisations, and governments around the world.”


globalCom designed the RAPID range of products to be versatile, flexible, and scalable so that they can be used by any group no matter the communication infrastructure.
The RAPID Range is split into two sections – Voice and Data. Each section is made up of products that have been specifically designed to overcome numerous Voice and Data communication challenges.

RAPID Voice™

The RAPID Voice range gives teams the edge by creating new Push-To-Talk (PTT) networks or bridging them into existing PTT networks. This one-of-a-kind solution covers potential and real gaps in communication coverage. RAPID does not rely on tower coverage or any other terrestrial infrastructure and makes use of both terrestrial and satellite networks. Communication can effectively and efficiently operate globally without disconnection, latency, or connectivity dips.

RAPID Voice is made up of both dual-mode and satellite only devices. The RAPID 1™ and RAPID 4™ are dual satellite and PTT units, while the RAPID i1™, RAPID i4™, and RAPID i6™ are satellite only devices. The range also offers installed solutions for both vehicle and building applications in the form of the RAPID HomeBase™ and RAPID Vehicle™ units.


The RAPID Data solutions are portable Wi-Fi hotspots that ensure internet connectivity no matter where you are. RAPID Data empowers teams, organisations, governments, and individuals to have their own portable Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere. These solutions utilise intelligent routing to switch between satellite and available terrestrial LTE networks to provide seamless connectivity with data speeds of up to 150mbps, in addition supporting streaming speeds of up to 256kbps.

There are three main solutions in the RAPID Data range. The RAPID 100™, RAPID 200™, and RAPID 700™. Each solution is simple and easy to use as there is no installation or manual antenna pointing required. The versatile design of the case allows for all three solutions to be used with the lid open or closed. Further, the antenna can be mounted via magnetic feet to a moving vehicle to easily provide connectivity on the move.

globalCom is dedicated to creating innovative new products and solutions that empower seamless communication. Let us help you ensure your company and employees are always connected with our RAPID Range, speak to our communication experts today:

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