RAPID 200®

The RAPID 200™ is perfect for individuals and teams on the move! The unique RAPID 200™ is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that leverages the powerful Iridium Certus® 200 to ensure seamless, reliable coverage across the planet. RAPID 200 uses LTE networks to provide you with your primary internet connection. If LTE networks are unavailable for any reason, it then switches over to satellite comms to maintain connectivity. As there is no installation or manual antenna pointed required, RAPID 200 is well suited to any vehicle on land, in the air, or out at sea. The antenna of the satellite terminal can be removed from the case and mounted to the roof of a vehicle using magnetic feet, enabling connectivity while on the move. RAPID 200 can be used with the lid open or closed. The included batteries provide up to 12 hours of power.

  • ThalesMissionLINK™ encased in a rugged, durable carrier
  • A comprehensive communications solutions
  • A grab-and-go data solution
  • Easy charging (AC/DC)
  • Battery powered
  • Can use external power supplies
  • No terrestrial network needed
  • No towers or infrastructure
  • Scalable solution
  • Smart, rugged, and reliable


  • IP data sessions up to 150mbps*
  • Minimum data sessions guaranteed of 176kbps↓ /176kbps↑**
  • Simultaneous Voice and data enabled delivering up to 3 concurrent high quality voice calls***
  • Weight: 12.0kg
  • Dimensions: 42.8 x 35.8 x 23.5cm/16.87” x 14.10” x 9.27”
  • IP-67 protection class - Durability Standard    MIL-STD-810G; Salt-Fog/Corrosion, Rain and Spray Standard: IEC 60945 Sections 8.12 and 8.8
  • High-gain, electronic solid state phased array antenna (No moving parts, no Pointing Needed)
  • 1 LTE SIM slot
  • 1 QC3.0 USB + PD USB Type-C Fast Charger & Voltmeter
  • Detachable hot swappable batteries (2 x 98Wh)
  • 2 external ethernet ports
  • 1 external PoTS port
  • 1 external TNC port for DRIVE functionality
  • External power, 12V DC and 90 to 264V AC
  • External 2 channel Hot-swappable battery charger
  • 3m DRIVE cable
  • 3m ethernet cable

*    subject to terrestrial LTE availability

**  via Iridium

*** 1 x POTS, 2 x VoIP


To view the RAPID 200 brochure click here.