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globalCom’s CoTP solutions ensure you always have the connectivity you need

Numerous industries across the world require reliable, temporary, and portable communication solutions that enable connectivity- be it in remote areas with no terrestrial coverage or in cities where additional connectivity is required. Comms on the pause (CoTP) solutions seamlessly create dependable, temporary hotspots in any location, and can be moved as and when needed.

Disaster relief aid groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are two major industries that rely on CoTP solutions in their operations. For disaster relief operations, CoTP solutions are key to setting up temporary, portable mobile communication hotspots in areas ravaged by a disaster. globalCom Africa Director David Lipton explains: “When setting up new operations or working in disaster areas the first step needed is to establish a reliable communication base. A CoTP solution is the easiest and most effective way to do that.”

NGOs use CoTP solutions for a wider range of operations. This includes providing connectivity for mobile clinics, schools, ATMs, as well as being able to stream events from remote locations. The streaming capabilities of CoTP solutions are also crucial to the media industry, offering scalable connectivity solutions that allow news outlets to follow the story as and where it happens.

CoTP solutions are mobile satellite terminals that are physically mounted to mobile objects such as motor vehicles or containers and can only receive satellite reception while stationary. They often consist of highly compact, grab-and-go satellite terminals and use either automatic or assisted pointing function to connect to a satellite. Their compact and mobile nature means that they are ideal for rapid deployment.

Further, these terminals range in shape from traditional parabolic satellites to the constantly evolving flat packs. CoTP antenna systems are able to support communications infrastructure without being in a permanently mounted position. The antenna systems are either mechanically or electrically driven, and despite being manufactured to be as agile and mobile as possible they are still able to perform like traditional parabolic antennas.

The connectivity of CoTP solutions is typically powered by VSAT satellite technology that operates in different frequencies, shapes, and sizes. The versatility of VSAT means that CoTP solutions are capable of supporting internet, LAN, IP connectivity, voice, video, and data communication.

CoTP solutions are versatile and flexible comms solutions that add significant value to any business. With the ability to set up reliable, seamless communication bases no matter the location, numerous industries use CoTP solutions as part of their communications strategy. For advice or consultation on a suitable CoTP solution that will empower your team’s operations contact us today:

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