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globalCom Africa Introduces Group Communication Anywhere

Product Launch – RAPID™4

globalCom Africa is excited to announce the RAPID™4, a grab-and-go PTT for teams on the move. The RAPID™4 allows for limitless connectivity, even in the most remote locations, by guaranteeing seamless satellite communication. The unit consists of four Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk (PTT) devices encased in a durable, rugged carrier that allows for easy charging and transportation.

With the RAPID™4, we introduce a next-generation two-in-one unit that maximises the potential of satellite and PTT technology to provide faultless day-to-day communication capabilities. This versatile, scalable set-up is ideal for remote teams because it ensures uninterrupted connectivity when communication is critical.

The RAPID™4’s unparalleled dependability makes it ideal for the early stages of outlying development projects where terrestrial infrastructure is yet to be installed. This network can help save millions of dollars in the initial capital outlay of any formative undertaking because no money needs to be spent on establishing, guarding, and powering towers.

globalCom Africa CEO David Lipton notes, “If you have a team that needs to venture out and they, at any stage, have concerns about reliable connection and communication, the RAPID™4 is the answer. With this product, wherever your teams go, they will know that they can remain in touch, both with head office and one another, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency.”

Moreover, as a Satellite Radio network, it can be grown to include hundreds of devices without the limitations of terrestrial radio network coverage. As a result, millions of square kilometres can be reached, creating much larger coverage areas. These coverage zones can also be changed when needed, ensuring peak adaptability and value.

Furthermore, should you have an established terrestrial PTT network, the RAPID™4 can supplement this network and fill any gaps in coverage by integrating flawlessly into existing networks.

This product is a comprehensive communications solution that offers both ruggedness and reliability in all terrains and degrees of remoteness. In this way, the RAPID™4 is an essential part of both day-to-day communication and disaster management. Importantly, the carrier is designed to fit into the overhead storage of any commercial flight. This conveniently small form factor makes it an ideal grab-and-go solution in case of emergency or tight timelines.

Additionally, the carrier case enables the PTT devices to charge either via electrical mains or a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. This means that there is always a full extra capacity battery on hand to ensure the users are able to communicate wherever and whenever.

Lipton concludes, “This is the only product that can give you absolute assurance that your teams will remain in touch regardless of the location. It is an absolute essential to any industry.” Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the RAPID™4.

Since 2008, globalCom has designed and managed the business continuity plan of one of Africa’s largest mining consortiums. This comprehensive contingency strategy uses satellite to safeguard the company’s personnel, assets, and operations in case of disaster, regime change, electrical collapse, and so on. Satellite functions independently of these geopolitical risks, ensuring reliable communication that could save the lives of the thousands of miners underground and protect the company’s invaluable resources.

At globalCom Africa, we take time to understand your mining-specific needs and then design, implement, and maintain the solutions that will meet these requirements. Because we take the time to listen to your concerns, our solutions architecture is proactive and scalable.

For location-independent connectivity that will keep you online no matter what, consult with us for a bespoke comms solution today.

If you would like to request a quote or find out more about the RAPID™4, contact us at

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