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Communication: The Key of Dealing with Any Emergency Situation

Crisis Communications + RAPID™4

Effective communication is the lifeblood of Emergency Teams and Rescue Services. In the case of a disaster, communication is the most important requirement in order to assist and conduct a successful rescue operation. Whether it be a natural disaster, a military operation or a planned deployment, teams have to stay connected in areas where they are faced with uncertain, ever-changing expectations and obstacles.


The primary stumbling block for these teams is the level of integration of their comms. Often, different units of an emergency team communicate on different radio networks, ultimately resulting in a gap in communication. Ideally, all parties should be able to stay connected to one network, ensuring everyone is kept in touch, from the helicopter pilots to the firefighters, police, and paramedics.


In crisis situations, globalCom Africa can ensure critical services are deployed, providing voice and high-speed internet access to enable effective communication which often saves lives. We are specialists in disaster readiness with integrated solutions that leverage terrestrial and satellite networks to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.


The RAPID™4: Connecting Teams

One of the ways in which we have innovated to meet the needs of teams-on-the-go is our RAPID™4, a unit consisting of four Iridium Extreme® PTT (Push-to-Talk) devices encased in a durable carrier that allows for easy transportation and ensures optimum device readiness.

The RAPID™4 is a two-in-one unit that maximises the potential of satellite and PTT technology to provide faultless communication capabilities in even the harshest situations. This versatile, scalable set-up is ideal for emergency teams because it ensures uninterrupted connectivity when communication is most critical, thereby saving time, and in turn, lives.

Critically, as a Satellite Radio network, it can be grown to include hundreds of devices without the limitations of terrestrial radio network coverage. This means that emergency teams can function effectively within huge coverage, meaning there’s no chance of disconnection, latency, or connectivity dips.

“The RAPID™4 is a holistic communications network that can keep all elements of your emergency teams connected, regardless of the nature of the crisis. By connecting all role-players on one network, you ensure no gaps in communication and deliver the most effective reactions to natural disasters, geopolitical events, or accidents,” notes globalCom Africa CEO, David Lipton.


Bespoke Solutions for Emergency Situations

We have helped many large corporations and emergency units implement disaster communication contingency solutions for the volatile and fast-developing African continent. Whatever risks you are faced with, we can develop a holistic strategy with engineered solutions that will see you through any disaster and keep your response teams connected.

At globalCom Africa, we are proud to offer unparalleled context-specific solutions, rugged technology to withstand harsh circumstances, and crisis risk mitigation communication strategy. Through vulnerability auditing, we help map potential threats to your comms and then design the solutions that will overcome them.

Since 2008, globalCom has designed and managed the business continuity plan of one of Africa’s largest mining consortiums. This comprehensive contingency strategy uses satellite to safeguard the company’s personnel, assets, and operations in case of disaster, regime change, electrical collapse, and so on. Satellite functions independently of these geopolitical risks, ensuring reliable communication that could save the lives of the thousands of miners underground and protect the company’s invaluable resources.

At globalCom Africa, we take time to understand your mining-specific needs and then design, implement, and maintain the solutions that will meet these requirements. Because we take the time to listen to your concerns, our solutions architecture is proactive and scalable.

For location-independent connectivity that will keep you online no matter what, consult with us for a bespoke comms solution today.

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