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The use of effective IoT satellite solutions empower businesses to perform at an optimum level

Solutions Architecture in the Mining Industry (Africa)

The internet of things (IoT) is becoming increasingly more significant as it can provide enterprises advanced insight into objects and environments that previously were not connected to the internet. Through effective employment of IoT solutions, enterprises can monitor and run previously unconnected operations, instantaneously gaining valuable data and insights on assets. In this way enterprises are empowered to make quick, highly informed decisions that allow them to perform at optimum levels.

IoT further enables enterprises to run location independent operations with seamless, constant connectivity and uninterrupted transfers of data and information. There are numerous applications for IoT solutions from monitoring power, oil, and gas plants to managing farming operations and tracking assets, including employees.

The oil and gas industry for example, is famous for its high-stakes, highly valuable assets, and the locations’ remoteness. Keeping track of assets is vital for these remote operations, although it comes with its own challenges. On offshore operations keeping track of employees between ships and rigs is complicated and there are safety concerns. IoT solutions allow for precise tracking of employees on ships, thereby improving safety.

Discussing the need for IoT solutions, globalCom Africa Director David Lipton explains: “For organisations operating on a global scale it is critical that businesses are able to remain in communication with different assets deployed over large and varied locations with different levels of coverage. The assistance of IoT solutions empowers devices to achieve constant connectivity even in the most challenging environments.”

Another industry that is growing more reliant on IoT solutions is the agriculture industry. In recent years, agriculture has faced numerous challenges including rapid changes in climate, rainfall patterns, and even insect infestations. It is therefore crucial that farmers can manage their farms.

Further, the ‘farm to fork movement’ is gaining momentum worldwide, with consumers requiring more detailed information of the food they eat, specifically meat that is labelled as free range. IoT systems can assist farmers with creating a transparent supply chain by using satellite-based ear tags to keep track of their cattle at all times. This way farmers can give consumers piece of mind that what they are consuming is actually free range as farmers can generate data on the lifetime movements of cattle.

Internet of things solutions enable limitless opportunities for different enterprises by delivering increased data from more sources and improved data processing speeds. Enterprises are therefore more connected to the world around them, empowering them to do more high-level work.

At globalCom Africa we are experts in IoT solutions and are able to provide you with unparalleled communications solutions that suit your unique needs. Contact us today for a tailor-made IoT solution:

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