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How Satellite Communication Architecture Powered Business in the Pandemic

The global pandemic, along with rapid technological advancements, has seen a massive change in the way people, governments, and enterprises communicate with each other. Today, society is increasingly demanding connectivity solutions that enable communication anywhere in the world no matter the circumstances. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, satellite communication technology has been able to meet the changing connectivity demands of society by providing a host of communication, business continuity, broadcast, navigation, and remote imaging services that are crucial to public health and safety.

The dependable nature and global reach of satellite communication systems mean that people have been able to adapt to shifting communication and connectivity demands with ease and confidence throughout the pandemic. globalCom Head of Sales Kim Bentley explains: “The most significant shift in society has been how and where people work. COVID-19 has forced people to work offsite, which has highlighted how the increasing capabilities of technology and communication architecture can facilitate connectivity around the world, empowering people to work from anywhere.”

The rapid evolution of satellite communication technology means that satellite-based communication systems have become increasingly reliable, accessible, and cost-effective while also improving their range of functionality. This means more and more industries have been able to implement dependable communications strategies that are based on satellite systems. All this progress and advancement meant that satellite communication solutions were ideally placed to enable constant communication and connectivity at the start of the pandemic, as well as provide innovative new functions across industries.

Initially, satellite communication technology enabled people to remain connected with their friends, family, teachers, staff, employers, healthcare workers, customers and more. From there, the capabilities of satellite communication fueled the growing trend of people moving to work from anywhere in the world, with some people even moving to live out at sea.

Further, satellite communication technology enabled swift and innovative responses to COVID-19. Internet of Things (IoT) devices paired with satellite communication systems have provided field hospitals and remote healthcare workers with crucial connectivity in even the harshest environments.

Additionally, healthcare workers have been able to track, monitor, and combat outbreaks effectively by using the data gathered from patients. Remote sensing and imaging satellites continue to provide healthcare officials with important comparison imagery that is used to monitor the effectiveness of lockdowns and social distancing initiatives. All this information has been safely shared with officials and scientists around the world, driving research into the pandemic and the coronavirus.

The flexibility, versatility, and dependability of satellite communications have been crucial to developing unique and innovative solutions to the rapidly evolving connectivity demands of society during the pandemic. Ensure you are always connected, speak to our communication experts about a holistic communication solution that will always keep you connected no matter what:


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