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Game changing Iridium Certus® platforms make satellite communication accessible to everyone

Society drives technological change, while changing technologies in turn shape society. The recent pandemic has driven the demand for remote connectivity between individuals, assets, and organisations, changing the way individuals communicate in their daily operations whether at home or in the workplace. No matter where you are on the globe it is becoming paramount that as the world goes more digital, the advancements in technology are needed to support this. Further, the advent of innovative technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, is significantly changing how industries run their operations, opening up new applications to overcome numerous challenges.


Iridium have recognized the need for such flexibility in communications and recently launched Iridium Certus® a ground-breaking multi-service platform that is powered by the Iridium network. The platform significantly improves operations by providing greater value and coverage than any other mobile wireless network. Backed by Iridium’s global network of 66 active satellites, the Certus platform provides uncompromising global coverage, a range of speeds, and military grade services. Certus has redefined the capabilities of mobile satellite communications, making broadband accessible to more industries, for a more diverse range of applications, while still ensuring communication solutions that are truly mobile and global.


The higher speeds, small form-factor transceivers, and increased bandwidth are backed by Iridium’s existing data services and dependable satellite network, unlocking new possibilities in asset tracking, fleet management, remote monitoring, command and control, and other intelligent data applications around the globe. globalCom Director David Lipton explains: “The Iridium Certus platform and related devices are game changers. With their small size, powerful connectivity, and affordable cost, the Iridium Certus range is putting satellite connectivity within the reach of more industries for a wider range of applications.”


The Iridium Certus range

The Iridium Certus platform consists of three main platforms, the Iridium Certus® 100, Iridium Certus® 200, and Iridium Certus® 700. The first platform, Certus 100, is optimised for solutions that have strict size, weight, and power requirements. With IP data speeds up to 88 Kbps and high-quality dual voice lines capability, Certus 100 is ideal for mobile, fixed, and portable operations like workforce communications, remote monitoring, and real-time asset control.


Certus 200 is the second platform that delivers reliable, truly global coverage with upload and download speeds of up to 176 Kbps. From high-quality voice calling on-the-move, with three simultaneous high quality voice lines, to internet, messaging, and critical remote applications, Certus 200 offers an affordable broadband connectivity solution anywhere in the world in small, lightweight equipment.


Last but not least is the third platform Certus 700 that offers unmatched speed, coverage, and reliability, with top download speeds of up to 704 Kbps. Whether responding to an emergency situation, maintaining business continuity, or remaining in contact with loved ones while at sea, Certus 700 offers a superior platform to deliver the most essential information when and where you need it most.


All three platforms are ideally suited for government, air, maritime, aviation, land operations, and personal use integrating with Internet, Cellular, Land Mobile Radio, and location-based applications to keep enterprise and mission critical operations connected no matter what. The robust equipment and the high-speed L-Band throughput ensures the Iridium Certus platforms deliver secure, dependable, and mobile communications everywhere in the world.


Revolutionise your communications solution today! Speak to our experts about how Iridium Certus can help you with more flexible communication solutions today:

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