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Personal Safety and Asset Tracking: Your Employees Are Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets

Ensuring the personal safety of your employees and VIP are critical to any operation and as such effective asset tracking of such valuable assets ensure the safety, efficiency and continuity of operations while navigating or working in remote or challenging areas. When it comes to asset tracking, all too often staff are overlooked despite being one of the most valuable assets to any company. In addition to this, personal safety is crucial to the daily operations of numerous industries, from oil and gas exploration to conservation teams and even travel of VIP members. Knowing where your staff are at all times not only gives you peace of mind but can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of operations.


Satellite communication architecture, including satellite phones and tracking devices, empower various industries to create a powerful asset tracking and emergency response solution that will work for any operation in any location. globalCom Director David Lipton explains: “Tracking individual staff or teams works in conjunction with ensuring their personal safety. Satellite tracking devices provide accurate, detailed information on the location of any valuable assets. Whether used separately or together, satellite phones and satellite trackers are powerful tools for any company.”



Tracking devices need to be small enough not to interfere with the movement of staff. At the same time, they need to have sufficient power and functionality to transmit essential information. The GSatMicro is a golf ball sized Iridium tracker that is able to transmit positions, SOS alerts, and other specialised information from anywhere. With an industry-leading satellite and electronics technology that enables assets to be monitored and analysed in real time.


RAPID™ Range

The RAPID™ consists of top of the range Iridium Extreme® Push-To-Talk (PTT) devices encased in a durable, rugged carrier that allows for easy charging and transportation. The small form grab-and-go case means that this comprehensive communication solution is easy to transport, providing limitless connectivity for teams on the move or VIP staff.


The versatile, modular nature of the RAPID™ range makes it well-suited to developing bespoke satellite communication solutions that meet unique connectivity requirements for any organization.


In addition, the RAPID™ range can be grown to include hundreds of devices without the limitations of terrestrial radio network coverage. This means that teams can reach hundreds of kilometers, creating large coverage zones ranging over numerous terrains, from urban to rural. The RAPID™ range plays a crucial role in any organisation’s communications architecture, for day-to-day communications.


Choosing the right device is extremely important when deciding on a communications solution. Consult with our communications specialists to ensure the safety of your team and keep track of your staff. Discuss your unique asset tracking and personal safety needs with our team today:

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