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Developing Trends Powered by Satellite Communications Solutions

Satellite communication solutions are constantly improving, enabling new functionality across a range of industries, and becoming vital to every part of society. globalCom has identified six important trends that have arisen from the improved functionality of satellite-powered devices, including remote working, emergency response, smart farming, tracking staff, monitoring renewable energy plants, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in various industries.


Each of these trends has been the outcome of advancements in satellite communication and satellite-powered devices. globalCom Director David Lipton explains: “As technology has advanced and the functionality of satellite-powered devices has grown, they have become crucial to businesses across the world. They provide cost-effective, affordable, and reliable communication solutions that are easily accessible to enterprises of varying sizes, as well as individuals.”


  1. Flexible working


Communication solutions are rapidly evolving to become more cost-effective, portable, and accessible to everyone anywhere. This means people are no longer bound to work from urban areas. People are increasingly moving to different provinces, countries or even out to sea, as they can work anywhere thanks to the reliable and seamless connectivity of satellite communication solutions.


  1. Emergency response


Over the past decade the growing number of disasters, either natural or man-made, have highlighted the importance of having emergency response systems that are able to work no matter the situation. Traditional, terrestrial communication networks are vulnerable to power outages, physical damage or getting shut down as part of response protocols. Satellite communication solutions can overcome these challenges, providing governments, relief teams, and industries with reliable communication systems that are not hampered by the limitations of terrestrial networks in emergency situations.


  1. Smart Farming


Farming is becoming increasingly high tech. Across Africa, a growing number of farmers are turning to smart farming methods to manage and monitor their farms and livestock. They do so by using IoT-enabled devices and satellite communication systems to monitor every aspect of their farm and remain in contact over vast distances.


  1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


One of the biggest trends of the past five years is the growing use of UAVs. Traditionally, UAVs have been used to monitor large, remote locations safely and quickly. NGO programs are pioneering new ways to use UAVs, especially as a way to supply essential food and medical resources to remote areas worldwide. Now farming, mining, and conservation industries have also started using UAVs to track and transport assets.


UAVs are significant investments for any company and are subject to a set of strict regulations. It is therefore vital to be able to keep track of UAVs in order to monitor their movements and ensure they can be found in the case of an emergency. Satellite communication systems that can aid in the flight of UAVs over hundreds of kilometres as well as track and monitor their movements.


  1. Monitoring Renewable Energy Plants


The growing reliance on solar and wind power to supplement traditional power brings with it new challenges. The sheer size and remote locale of wind and solar farms make them difficult and expensive to monitor and gather data from. One way to solve these challenges is by using IoT devices powered by satellite communications. IoT devices enable accurate and virtually constant monitoring of solar and wind farms. They also reduce the need for onsite monitoring and send information quickly and reliably between project sites and head office.


  1. Tracking Staff


In a world that presents new challenges and risks daily, it is imperative that you are able to keep track of all your assets, especially your staff. For companies that are seeking to expand their business into Africa, tracking staff travelling across the continent gives security and peace of mind to employees. Satellite-powered tracking devices enable businesses to monitor their employees no matter where they are.  Advancements in technology have ensured that tracking assets has become far more cost-effective and accessible. Now, travelling businesspeople can be tracked by small, innocuous tracking devices, ensuring their safety no matter where they travel.


As satellite communication and satellite-powered devices become increasingly cost-effective, versatile, and reliable, they are more accessible to individuals and a range of industries. Give your company the edge, reach out to our team for a comprehensive satellite communication solution that will keep you ahead of the trends:

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