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Iridium GO! exec™ – Empowering Business Travel


Meet James, a savvy global businessman, who frequently travels between African countries on his jet and enjoys the luxury of yachting along the stunning coastline. His busy schedule demands constant connectivity for managing international deals and ensuring his businesses run smoothly. However, notorious communication challenges and connectivity issues, pose a significant challenge for him. James needed a reliable communication solution that could bridge the gap, keeping him connected.


Enter the Iridium GO! exec™ from globalCom. James discovered this game-changing device and saw the potential to address his connectivity woes. The Iridium GO! exec™ provided James with a satellite-based communication lifeline that was unaffected by connectivity issues. Here’s how it solved his challenges:

Reliable Connectivity: The Iridium GO! exec™ ensured uninterrupted communication allowing James to continue managing his businesses, sending important emails, and staying connected to his team, regardless of where he found himself, in the air, or out at sea.

Global Coverage: Whether on his private jet cruising at high altitudes or on his luxurious yacht in remote coastal areas, the Iridium GO! exec™ offered global satellite coverage, ensuring James could stay connected even in the most remote locations.

Ease of Use: The Iridium GO! exec™ was user-friendly, with a mobile app that allowed James to send messages, access weather updates, and stay connected with a simple tap on his smartphone.


The impact of adopting the Iridium GO! exec™ was significant for James:

Enhanced Productivity: James’ productivity soared as he no longer had to worry about losing critical business hours. He could respond to emails, make voice calls, and important decisions without interruption.

Peace of Mind: With the Iridium GO! exec™, James had peace of mind knowing that he could communicate with his family and business associates during emergencies or while on the move.

Business Expansion: Empowered by reliable connectivity, James expanded his business operations, exploring new opportunities in previously inaccessible areas, both by jet and yacht. Never missing a deal.

In conclusion

The Iridium GO! exec™ transformed James’ business experience by providing a seamless communication solution. This reliable global satellite connectivity solution ensures that James could remain productive, connected, and in control of his business affairs, no matter where his adventures took him.

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