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Seamless Connectivity In Multi-Branch Organisations


During loadshedding, people weren’t able to communicate with other branches within their organisation.


We deployed RAPID CCaaS™, our Crisis Communications as a Service, as an inbuilding solution at every branch of the clients’ to ensure uninterrupted communication during Loadshedding events.


Our implementation of RAPID CCaaS™ successfully addressed the challenge of communication disruptions during loadshedding, providing a reliable and uninterrupted solution across all client branches.


In-Building Installation:

RAPID CCaaS™ enables in-building installations, equipping each branch with the necessary communication infrastructure. This ensures that communication remains intact even if external networks are compromised during a crisis.

Cable Length is Not a Problem:

Previous limitations to cable length on satellite installations no longer exists and with CCaaS™ we can comfortably run cable up to 100m

Dual Line Capability:

RAPID CCaaS™ offers a dual-line communication setup, providing two concurrent trunks

Uses Basic Data Capabilities:

RAPID CCaaS™ leverages fundamental data capabilities to facilitate seamless communication between branches, maintaining operational IoT basic data functionality even in the most extreme circumstances.

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