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Empowering Aid Organizations in Conflict Zones with globalCom’s RAPID 700™

Background: In conflict-affected regions, aid organizations grappled with communication challenges as conventional channels collapsed. The inability to connect with external hubs and head offices impeded coordination, resource management, and critical reporting for relief efforts.



  • Isolated Aid Operations: Aid organizations in conflict zones were severed from head offices, impeding coordination and reporting.
  • Communication Blockade: Disruptions in conventional communication left aid parties unable to connect externally.



  • globalCom’s RAPID 700™:
    • Utilizes Iridium’s global satellite network for connectivity in disrupted areas.
    • Portable and easy to set up, offering various communication methods.
    • Known for resilience in challenging environments.
    • User-friendly; no need to be tech-savvy to operate.



  • Deploying RAPID 700™ kits to aid organizations in conflict zones for a reliable external communication link.
  • Training aid workers to efficiently set up and operate the RAPID 700™ system.


Remote Support and Monitoring:

  • Offering remote support to address any operational concerns.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure optimal performance.
  • Assuring aid workers that they don’t need to be overwhelmed by technology – support is readily available.



  • Establishment of External Communication: RAPID 700™ enabled aid organizations to connect externally.
  • Improved Coordination and Reporting: Aid parties coordinated relief efforts, managed resources, and reported updates effectively.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Access to external communication significantly improved overall aid operation efficiency.


Conclusion: The deployment of globalCom’s RAPID 700™ addressed the critical issue of severed external communication for aid organizations in conflict zones. Beyond its technological capabilities, the user-friendly design ensured aid workers, regardless of technical expertise, could operate it seamlessly. Remote support and monitoring further underscored the commitment to aiding those who serve, enhancing coordination, reporting, and overall efficiency in challenging and isolated environments.

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