Cobham Swift1600

SBB1600 is the elite offering in the SwiftBroadBand range offering up to 1.6mbps of background IP opening up true BroadBand in the sky with very few limitations. The SBB1600 is the ultimate in affordable and lightweight Satcom Aviation.

  • Support multi-channel SwiftBroadband
  • Available in a flange mount configuration
  • ARINC 600 connector interfaces
  • Offer extended temperature and vibration qualifications
  • Even the most space restricted aircraft can have L-band SATCOM
  • Single or dual channel SDU packaged in a 2 MCU ARINC 600 enclosure
  • Background IP up to 1.6mbps


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  • SBU Dimensions 343.7 x 94.4 x 194mm
  • SBU Weight 4 kg
  • SBU Power 81 W
  • SBU Altitude 55,000 ft
  • SBU Temperature -55 C to +55 C
  • Environmental Qualification DO-160E
  • 3 MCU enables plug and play upgrade from Swift64
  • ISDN 2 ports support up to 8 terminals.
  • POTS 4 x two-wire phone interfaces
  • Satisfies the requirements of high bandwidth users
  • Different interface options to suit your applications
  • Integrated SIP server
  • Qualified for nonpressurized environments
  • Qualified fornon-temperature controlled environments
  • Ethernet 4 x 10BaseT user ports
  • DHCP Server
  • Power Over Ethernet (16W –Group 1)
  • PPPoE Server