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Having surmounted the challenges of lockdown

Having surmounted the challenges of lockdown, we are pleased to (re)introduce our comprehensive, user-friendly communication solutions. The pandemic exposed the fact that now, more than ever, high-quality connectivity is key. At globalCom, we believe that it is through connection and innovation that we will weather this storm – together.

We are proud to announce that globalCom South Africa is now, and with this renewed focus on Africa, we endeavour to leverage our 23 years of experience to deliver superlative connectivity to the continent and beyond. Because we are based in South Africa, we are equipped to service your communication needs throughout Africa, delivering low-latency, location-independent connectivity – no matter what.

globalCom’s distinct, context-specific communications offering is evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Over the last two decades of building crisis controlled solutions, we have been immersed in the most diverse, cutting-edge solutions and technologies. Now, as we shift our focus to Africa, we bring this boundless wealth of expertise to anyone in need of reliable communications solutions.

Our solutions architecture is backed by our understanding of the multi-faceted challenges the African continent faces. We are hands-on, forward-thinking communication specialists who take pride in structuring your communication strategies for you, thereby giving you the time to focus on your industry, knowing you never have to worry about disconnection.

Whatever your industry, we are the architects for all communication strategies; we can tailor innovative, scalable communication solutions to your unique needs. It is especially important now, as economic activity is beginning to resume at full pace, that we implement your communication strategies and future-proof your connectivity.

Choose us as your trusted connectivity partner and we will develop a bespoke solution to meet your specifications and ever-evolving needs. We endeavour to reach new heights on the continent and deliver exceptional solutions architecture to Africans, by Africans. We look forward to witnessing your ongoing success and helping you on your journey to unparalleled connection.

With globalCom Africa you will enjoy seamless connectivity – anywhere.

David Lipton
CEO globalCom Africa

SPOTLIGHT: Remember to test your devices

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for seamless communication in times of near-disaster. Ensure that you test your devices regularly, and reach out to us should they not be functioning optimally.

As your comprehensive communications partner, we are here to keep you and your teams connected at all times.

WHAT’S NEW: Iridium Upgrades

With Iridium providing new firmware for all their current satellite phones, (9555, 9575 and PTT), we would like to offer a free service to all our Iridium satellite phone users to upgrade their phones for them during this time.

You will need an internet connection and the USB cable from the box.
Contact us on to assist.
Firmware files are all available on should you be comfortable to upgrade on your own!

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