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globalCom launches RAPID CCaaS® for uninterrupted indoor communications in a crisis

Johannesburg – 16 April 2024 – globalCom Africa, an innovative communication solutions company, has launched its latest technologically advanced communications solution; RAPID CCaaS® (Crisis Communication as a Service). RAPID CCaaS®, is a first of its kind subscription-based managed service, that boasts the technology needed to sustain in-building communications for the nerve centre of any organisation, in times of crisis.


Founder and CEO of globalCom Africa, David Lipton says the company is proud to launch this solution to market, as RAPID CCaaS® solves the communication problems multi-branch organisations will face, should there be any crisis. “When grid failure, or force majeure occurs, whatever the disaster or emergency, the subscription-based service guarantees organisations will always be able to make or receive phone calls” says Lipton.


“This subscription-based solution is managed by globalCom and safeguards a company by guaranteeing indoor voice connectivity via satellite when there is the total loss of power on the national network. Without any communications business operations will otherwise be severely impacted,” he adds.


RAPID CCaaS™ is powered by Iridium Certus®, an award-winning, advanced, multi-service platform enabled by the global Iridium constellation and is considered the next step in business continuity planning. For those businesses that have safeguarded their power supply (with solar power or generators) this solution now safeguards their means of communication. Once installed it is simple to operate, either as a standalone solution or fully integrated into your existing PABX system, giving multi-branch organisations power and uninterrupted connectivity in any crisis.


The antenna is installed on top of the building and a cable connects to a desk phone to ensure seamless connectivity, for up to 100 metres. The RAPID CCaaS™ device can facilitate midband data (88↓\22↑kbps) connectivity empowering IP data, which provides email, messaging, and basic web browsing.


Multibranch organisations require reliable, desk-to-desk, always-on inbound and outbound communications. With RAPID CCaaS®, the user simply dials from the existing phone from the comfort of their desk and can make or receive high-quality phone calls, negating the need for the users to go outside to make a satellite phone call.


“This is what makes RAPID CCaaS® the pinnacle of emergency communication; it solves the problem of the call recipient not knowing someone is trying to reach them, without them having to stand outside in possibly challenging weather conditions, waiting for a call,” explains Lipton.


Lipton notes that every business has the responsibility of risk assessment and contingency planning, and regardless of whether that is preparation for possible grid failure due to South Africa’s electricity crisis, or due to an unforeseeable disaster, adopting proactive measures to safeguard against a potential communications crisis is prudent.


South African businesses have been grappling with regular power outages, uncertainty, and risk for years, and in these difficult times, communication becomes a lifeline for businesses needing to protect staff and assets. globalCom now offers a reliable comprehensive communications solution and affordable connectivity solution that is vital to multi-branch organisations. RAPID CCaaS® is the only subscription-based solution that enables robust communication infrastructure, ensuring connectivity during critical operations.


For more information visit or to inquire, email Info@Globalcom.Africa.

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