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Satellite communications empower business and organisations to operate with confidence in their communication architecture. To ensure their truly global reach and constant connectivity, satellite communications rely on VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) networks. VSAT networks use two-way-satellite systems to enable communication and connectivity around the world. Modern VSAT technology provide organisations with multifunctional and effective solutions for their communications needs, whether on land, at sea, or in the air.


Remaining connected while operating on land presents unique challenges, especially in remote regions with a lack of infrastructure. Mobile operations on the land require VSAT powered communication solutions that are lightweight, transportable command centres that provide uninterrupted connectivity and eliminate traditional barriers to mobile communication needs. For reliable, immediate connectivity in the tough conditions on land, globalCom is able to build solutions that are able to overcome the unique communication challenges of mobile land operations.


Maritime VSAT is used to organise a full range of high-speed communication on sea and river vessels via a satellite channel. Communication architecture based on VSAT technology fulfils the need for seamless, reliable, and permanent communication on ships and floating facilities. Equipping sea vessels with VSAT solutions allows for combining all the ships in a fleet into a single network. This empowers vessels to exchange key information and data with dispatch, head office, and other ships at all times.


The aviation industry relies on constant, highspeed connectivity to ensure the safety of passengers and planes, from commercial to military operations. Aviation specific VSAT solutions enable planes to monitor critical equipment, access sensor data, and remain in contact with air traffic controllers, maintaining the safety of the skies. In-flight connectivity is also important as it enhances the in-flight experience of commercial and business flyers, allowing them to entertain themselves and make urgent decisions while in the air.


No matter your industry or your requirements, we have the VSAT solution for you. At globalCom we have over 20 years-experience helping various industries choose the perfect VSAT solution for their unique business requirements as we have a deep understanding of the specific variables pertinent to different industries. At globalCom, we can build bespoke VSAT solutions that overcome the connectivity and communication challenges of an operation. Our range of VSAT solutions can be tailored to suit any operation on land, at sea, or in the air.


Only pay for what you need with our range of capped solutions. Choose one product, at one speed and ensure you are always able to remain in contact. Whether you and your team need to be mobile and on the go or you are setting up a temporary base, we have the solutions for you. From yearly, monthly, or quarterly plans we can help you choose the ideal solution for your operations and your budget.


VSAT on Demand (VSoD) is satellite bandwidth on demand and allows you to adjust your bandwidth to meet your specific and emerging requirements for data, more accurately meeting the needs of your users and connected applications. With VSoD you are able to temporarily access bandwidth, ramping it up for dedicated events, emergencies, or temporary needs, and then back to normal when the special event/need has subsided.

Being able to choose when you need additional bandwidth translates into significant costs savings for your operation as you do not need to over commit to a large everyday bandwidth plan. Instead, you can commit to a smaller bandwidth plan and ramp up your bandwidth short term when it is time for important activities such as audits, training, or monthly reporting.


Empower your team to work how they need as they need with our VSAT fixed uncapped solutions that can be tailored to your specific industry or operation nuances. VSAT fixed uncapped is based on the unique needs of your operations. You have one plan, one speed with unlimited data that empowers you or your team to perform task without any worries about running out of data or restricting bandwidth. You can also easily upgrade to a higher plan if your requirements change.

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