RAPID Bridge™ Connects the dots for reliable, effective, efficient communications solutions

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The rise of the hybrid workplace has made the importance of reliable, effective, and efficient communications solutions clear to business. globalCom’s RAPID Bridge™ is a technology agnostic solution that connects the dots to eliminate gaps in existing terrestrial and satellite communications infrastructure.


Businesses operating in both urbanized and remote environments – such as mining houses, engineering firms, and energy producers – are no strangers to managing hybrid workforces, with some employees based in offices (or at home) while others are based on site. As these organisations relook their communications solutions to empower hybrid teams and drive future growth, a communications network with gaps between devices and technologies can range from frustrating to downright dangerous.


globalCom’s RAPID Bridge™ is a revolutionary, holistic communications solution that allows for seamless integration of communication architecture across networks, service providers, technologies, and devices. “Many companies operating in Africa find that communication networks can be unreliable,” David Lipton, CEO of globalCom Africa, points out. “What RAPID Bridge™ offers is a revolutionary communications solution that connects satellite technology and devices to existing LTE, fibre and office communications devices and keeps communications working effectively and efficiently.”


globalCom’s integrated bridging system is technology agnostic, so that there’s no need to invest in additional products. This means that by putting RAPID Bridge™ in place, organisations can remove limitations inherent in their current communication networks, devices, or coverage area. “The importance of sound communication architecture that ensures seamless connectivity and communication across operations has become increasingly apparent,” David says. “It’s now a matter of ensuring business continuity, not just one of providing emergency satellite phones to people working in remote locations.”


David believes the key is using the right mix of communication products and strategies to enable employees’ efficiency in all operational locations, while also ensuring quick and effective response capability in emergencies.


“Nowadays, a comprehensive business continuity strategy must include a communications architecture strategy,” David says. “It’s no longer about how well your business can operate in the event of a crisis. It’s about how you connect and empower your people daily with reliable communications solutions.”


RAPID Bridge™ helps employees remain productive under business-as-usual circumstances from home, office or remote sites, while ensuring they can reach out in case of emergency with the same confidence in the communications solution. “They don’t have to remember where the satellite phone is kept or wonder if it has been charged,” David says. “RAPID Bridge™ allows them to use the same devices they use every day and know that they will be able to connect.”


Implementing holistic communication solutions that are tailored to your business’s unique communication needs is vital. David concludes: “The ongoing success and growth of your business is reliant on communication. Having solutions that your teams can trust no matter what is key, and the more versatile and robust the solution, the better.”

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