Leveraging an innovative RAPID Solution for a new mine exploration

globalCom was recently approached by a mining client who needed a portable communication and safety solution for their exploration team in a remote African location. In order to overcome the communications challenges and exploration requirements, a scalable RAPID Solution™ was configured.


“Our flexible and scalable RAPID Solutions proved to be invaluable to our client’s exploration,” globalCom Sales Manager Kim Bentley elaborates. “At every step of our client’s exploration of a potential new mine, the market-leading RAPID comms solution was used. By adding in the EVERYWHERE products, the safety of the team was improved by providing real-time location tracking. The bespoke communication solution provided by globalCom played a key role in enabling our client to develop a comprehensive plan of action for the new mine site.”


The Brief


Our client’s geology team required a comprehensive, portable communication and safety solution that would provide both voice and data connectivity from headquarters to the exploratory site, as well as location tracking while in transit and on-site. The new communication solution also had to be bridged into an existing communications network.


There were three main ways their communication solution had to be used- while in transit, while setting up at the site, and while exploring the site. Our versatile RAPID products  were deployed by our client at each step, ensuring cost-effective, seamless, and uninterrupted connectivity at each location.


In Transit


The geological team was flown in and then had to travel via 4X4 to the temporary base set up near the exploration site. While flying, the team used the RAPID 100™  to remain in contact with head office. The suction mount antenna provides a line of sight to satellites that ensure the team had a Wi-Fi hotspot for the duration of their flight, priorityLINK  automatically optimised LTE over satellite when it was available, ensuring they were always connected.


Each team member was also issued with a Garmin inReach© Mini 2 which enabled head office to track their location using the EVERYWHERE Hub. This provided the team with an extra level of security and safety while traveling.


Once the team landed, the team then traveled to the temporary base site. The RAPID 700™ was used by the team to maintain connectivity. The DRIVE functionality of the RAPID 700 allows the antenna of the satellite terminal to be removed from the case and mounted on the roof of the 4×4 using magnetic feet. In addition, the priorityLINK ensured cost-effective, seamless connectivity while the team was driving.


Site Set Up


Once the team had arrived at the base site, they needed to set up their portable communication as quickly as possible as they only had six short weeks to gather a large amount of data. In addition to the RAPID 100 and 700 units we supplied our client, the team also made use of the existing RAPID 4™ Push-To-Talk (PPT) satellite phone network our client already had set up. We simply moved the coverage area required to the new exploration site.


Once at the temporary base site, the team simply had to remove the RAPID 700 unit from the vehicle and set it up in the common working area, without interruption. The RAPID 700 created a Wi-Fi hotspot that was up to 100m2, enabling the entire team to work from the base.


Site Exploration


As the most important stage of our client’s operation, the team needed to collect significant data on the potential mine site. The team was able to work unhindered on their individual assignments in different areas, always remaining in contact.


The EVERYWHERE Hub was also utilised by the team at the site and at head office. Our client’s global security division relied on the EVERYWHERE Hub to set up a geofence around the exploration site. With this, they were able to monitor the teams’ locations and react swiftly if required. The exploration team used the EVERYWHERE Hub to create a detailed situational understanding of the site. This included uploading and storing geotagged photos and videos, as well as using heat maps and geotagging samples. Both the team at head office and on the site were able to use this comprehensive information to create a holistic understanding of the site in real time. This historic data was also used for forensic analysis after the team had completed their exploration and is still used by our client today when making decisions about the site.


“Overall, our communication solution enabled our client to complete their exploration of a potential new mine site in one outing, making this the most efficient and effective mine exploration they have ever undertaken. They further reiterated that the investment in the communication solution from globalCom ended up being a significant saving in the long run,” ends Bentley.


Partner with globalCom today for a tailored, portable communication, market-leading RAPID communication solution that will empower you and your team: info@globalcom.africa.

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