A tumultuous 2022 underscores the value of effective communications solutions

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There were high hopes of returning to “the way things were” in the beginning of 2022 as COVID-19 restrictions began to lift in earnest. But the world is not what it was, and humanity’s exit from COVID has been tumultuous.

Global economic recovery post-pandemic has been much slower than expected, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) calling the current state of inflation around the world a “cost-of-living crisis”. The Russia/Ukraine War has had far-reaching effects on fuel supplies, food imports, energy supply and – of course – this scarcity has seen associated prices soar internationally. Tensions are on the rise regarding refugees and immigration to developed nations in the EU, North America and the UK with some parts of the world seeing an increasingly nationalist political narrative emerge. The UK has had 5 Prime Ministers in the last 6 years, but is by no means the only “superpower” showing signs of political instability.

On the positive side, COP27 finally saw an agreement reached to provide financial support for developing nations to repair and rebuild physical infrastructure devastated by extreme weather, though the details are still to be ironed out. With so much volatility around us, it has never been more important to for businesses to have effective communications solutions in place to keep employees safe and connected.

“From a business point of view: First, we all had to find our feet in hybrid work environments as traditional office-based workplace management was challenged by our work-from-anywhere experience during the pandemic,” David Lipton, CEO of globalCom Africa, recalls. “Then, we found ourselves managing (personal and business) cash flows in the face of rising costs, interest rates and inflation. Dramatic shifts in social, environmental and political expectations all over the world have further flavoured our re-entry to ‘business as usual’ so that we have all been thrust into the ‘new normal’ at a run rather than a comfortable walking pace.”

And the truth is: there is nothing “as usual” or “normal” about operating in business today. At the same time, there is opportunity inherent in all this change – to examine the basics of your communications infrastructure to ensure it still meets your business’ needs, and to relook communications strategies in preparation for what is to come in the new year.

globalCom has worked with our clients to align their effective communications solutions and capability to their changing business needs. “We have enabled several enterprises – from mining houses to energy producers to emergency services, international aid organisations and government institutions – to provide effective communications strategies with flexible, fit-for-purpose communications technology and communications architecture,” David says.

globalCom worked closely with governments to support a host of communication, business continuity, broadcast, navigation, and remote imaging services that are crucial to public health and safety through satellite communications technology. And we’ve filled in the gaps in communications infrastructure and capability for a variety of clients by putting RAPID™ solutions in place and removing limitations inherent in their existing communication networks, devices, or coverage area.

The flexibility, versatility, and dependability of satellite communications have been crucial to developing unique and innovative solutions to the rapidly evolving connectivity demands of society post-pandemic. Moving forward, companies will need to include a communications architecture strategy in their comprehensive business continuity strategy. Governments will need to prepare their communications networks to support upcoming elections and meet the expectations of a digitally transforming citizenry. It’s no longer about how well your organisation can operate in the event of a crisis. It’s about how you connect and empower people daily with reliable communications solutions.

And so, as an unexpectedly tumultuous year draws to a close, globalCom encourages business and government leaders to consider the changes they may need to make to their communications architecture to better respond to, and support, the changes they will face in the new year.

David concludes: “globalCom looks forward to continuing on the journey of change with our clients, advising on and implementing the best possible communications solutions for your needs. We remain grateful for your support, and honoured to offer our support in return.”

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